Best Durian Sellers in Singapore for Quality Durian Delivery Services

As the annual durian season approaches, you're probably already dreaming of getting much needed your durian fix.

it's no surprise then that the very topic of best durians is one, every one has a different opinion about. Some Singaporeans even have opiniated views about bitter versus sweet types, while others can't stand the very sight (or smell) of this thorny delight.

Next, some wouldn't mind the local kumpong versions that are a much more affordable option while others will only feast on the premium favourites Mao Shan Wang, D24, Golden Phoenix durians that are rich and loaded with flavour.

With so many different options, it's no wonder ieatishootipost had to write an entire durian guide for foodies to get acquainted with the king of fruits.

We wanted to take it a step further for durian lovers who want to throw an awesome durian party but haven't found their preferred durian seller. We've got you covered.

Our team burdened ourselves with a big "sacrifice", braving the smell, the "heatines", and the risk of diabetes to review some of Singapore's top durian delivery websites.

A Quick Overview of Durian Sellers We Reviewed

CompanyDelivery FeesHighlightsRates
Ah Seng DurianNo delivery, only self-pickup availableAble to pre-order online before going down to make purchase Wide variety of duriansPrices not fixed
Durian DeliveryFrom $9.70 for orders less than $100Free replacement for bad durians No minimum orderFrom $19/kg
Durian Lobang King$10 for orders less than $80Bulk order promotion, good for large events Multiple payment methods acceptedFrom $46.90/450g
Durian PapiFree, except for Tuas, army camps and SentosaSame day delivery if orders are made before 6pm One year shelf life when refrigeratedFrom $39.90/400g
Kungfu Durian$9.90 for orders less than $98Caters for large events Reward point system for returning customersFrom $35/600g

Our Featured Vendor

As a business listing platform, we're constantly packed with listing requests which makes our review process all the more important. That's why, we're constantly looking out for any unique features about each vendor that makes them stand out from their competition. We will next proceed to arrange a call or chat with the owner of the business to learn more about their systems, processes, and other behind-the-scene stories our readers would love to find more about.

When it comes to local favourite product like durians, we didn't just wanted any stall that sells a wide variety. No, we were looking for a company that had that selling edge we knew you absolutely had to discover for yourself. Our search has brought us to this particular durian vendor...

Durian Seller Singapore

Not many durian sellers will ever boast about a specific type of durian as the goal is to sell as many of this fruit as possible to customers. But that’s where the folks at Durian Seller Singapore is different as they’ve chosen the specialist route. Their Black Pearl durian has a much richer, creamier, and stronger flavour compared to the other premium durians and they’ve got good reasons for doing so.

Plus, when it comes to durian delivery services in Singapore, their online membership platform makes it easy for repeat customers to quickly place an order and complete the payment with a local payment solution – PayNow.

These two simple features plus the high quality grade of durians we received instantly won our review team over. And we’re not alone as the many raving reviews from their customers is a testament to the service and quality they’re committed to delivering. We instantly knew their durian website was going to be our featured site among the many others we reviewed.

Ah Seng Durian

Ah Seng durian is probably one of the most seasoned players in the durian industry, with its roots going back to as far as the 1980s. You can be assured that the durians you get would be of tip top quality as Ah Seng himself goes down to the durian plantations to do quality checks. As with the other big players, Ah Seng Durian also provides for event catering, and have done so for companies like SingTel and Standard Chartered.

Currently, Ah Seng does not provide delivery services but you can make an order online before picking your durians up at their two locations.

Durian Delivery

Durian delivery positions themselves as the only seller in Singapore who offers free replacement, in the event that you receive durians that have gone bad. This definitely puts your mind at ease as you would be unable to taste the durians before purchasing them. If you are having a small durian party at home and are afraid of not being able to hit the minimum spend for delivery, then durian delivery is perfect for you! If your total order falls below $100, delivery charges start for $9.70 per location.

Durian delivery has also been featured on countless blogs and publishers like Seth Lui and Vulcan, so you can be assured its quality!

Durian Lobang King

You would get an inkling of how popular Durian Lobang King is because they are currently fully booked till May. Other than durians, they also sell several durian flavoured snacks like mochis and crepes. They are also good for event catering as they offer a $40 discount for every $800 worth of purchase made. Do note that there would be a minimum order of $600 for bulk purchases.

Durian Papi

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about frozen durians would be that there are stale, and have lost their freshness. However, Durian Papi manages to keep the freshness of their durians despite freezing them! Their durians are hand-picked by Pahang’s durian farmers who are trained to select only the best of durians. Durian Papi also offers same day delivery if orders are made before 6pm and local purchases qualify for free express delivery too.

What is great about Durian Papi is that their frozen durians have a shelf life of up to one year, so you can always buy in bulk and save the rest for your midnight hunger pangs.

Kungfu Durian

Kungfu durian not only does delivery, but they also have a physical store you can go to enjoy your durians at! What’s great about them is their reward system where you earn $0.05 rebate for every dollar you spend, perfect for recurring customers. Kungfu Durian is also a veteran in catering for corporate events, having done so for SCDF, Baker’s Brew, and even smaller scale family events. These are however subjected to a minimum order and require one week’s notice for logistical purposes.