Services for Local Businesses

As an advocate for technological advancement, we believe in leveraging on the power of the various digital marketing platforms to help local businesses grow and expand their market reach. To do this effectively, it is therefore paramount that our team is equipped with the right skill set to advice and execute digital strategies.

Listed below are some of the major business skills necessary for any project. And when you choose to work with us, you can rest assured our development team will always have sufficient domain expertise and experience in.


Critical Digital Marketing Skill Sets


The basis for any effective online presence begins with a website.


Selecting the right systems and tools doens't just save you money, it helps improve results.


First impression always count especially on the internet.


Effective marketing has a funnel strategy in place to maximise a customer's lifetime value.


The right choice of words will improve any digital campaign.


Use laser-focused targeting to increase leads. Use multiple traffic sources to increase reach.

Suite of Solutions & Services

We offer a variety of solutions and services to facilitate businesses at each stage of the business sales cycle. For more information on a recommended solution for your business, do schedule an appointment with any of our business coaches.

  • PACKAGE SOLUTION #1. Website Lead Generation

    The perfect digital solution for SMEs in a specialised niche or field providing a professional service. Our team leverages on the search engines to rank a website on page 1 of the SERPs (search engine results page) to attract qualified leads. This makes it a cost effective  approach for any business interested in a lead generation website.

  • PACKAGE SOLUTION #2. Ecommerce Distributor

    Similar to our website rental model, this strategy uses the same principles to attract wallet-ready buyers. However, instead of a rental model where you're paying for each visitor or lead, here you're acquiring customers. 

  • SERVICE #1. Web Development & Design

    Need a reliable and trusted brand to design or develop your company's website? Look no further as the team at SINGULARITY pride ourselves on providing our clients with premium quality websites at amazing value.

  • SERVICE #2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    A website without visitors is simply an online brochure. Our SEO services are premium in the market because we're confident of getting your website ranked for important keywords. We're talking about commercial keywords with buyer intent and sufficient search volume.

  • SERVICE #3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    While SEO is an effective long term strategy for any business, it does take some time before results can kick in. That doesn't mean the business is idle in the meanwhile. Using effective SEM strategies, we can start advertising on Google to bring in qualified web visitors at cost effective rates.