The goal of YP SME is to provide users of this business directory with accurate data and information of businesses in Singapore. This means we take all listings seriously and not every website submitted (whether free listing or paid) is guaranteed to be approved.

Our team of human editors diligently review all submissions during office hours and will only approve the listing if they've deemed the submission to be accurate, listed in Singapore, and of good value to our web visitors.

Editorial Discretion

The role of our editors is to verify submissions and ensure the content provided is of quality and relevance.

In the event a submission is deemed to be of inferior quality, our editors can choose at their discretion to do any of the following:

  • Amend or adjust any of the submitted items such as UEN, website URL, business address, company profile, submission category, and any other content on the page
  • Remove misleading or unverifiable words or information such as "Best", "The Only Provider in Singapore" etc.
  • Reject the submission

Basic Submission Checks

As a failure to follow the guidelines listed on this website can result in a complete ban by our editors, we've included some basic checks to help you ensure a higher chance of listing success.

  1. Have you selected the best possible category for your listing?
  2. Does the business provide legitimate products or services?
  3. Is the business registered in Singapore? We only approve businesses with a registered Unique Entity Number (UEN) listed on Singapore's Bizfile.
  4. If you're including a website URL link, do check for the following as well:
    • Website is of good quality with proper business content (1 page sites are fine as long as it has business information)
    • URL submitted does not include any redirect
    • Company name on the website and its URL should match the business name submitted on this website
    • You've submitted the root domain URL and not a sub-domain, sub-category or any other extensions unless they are regional domains
  5. Your submission does not breach any laws in Singapore

Unaccepted and Rejected Content

To ensure quality of our directory listings, we do not accept or approve any of the following businesses, content, or websites:

  • Illegal or inappropriate businesses
  • Make money niche or pyramid scheme businesses
  • Duplicate business listings
  • Websites advocating or condoning violence
  • Websites about any type of sensitive topic (political, racial, etc)
  • Empty websites with little or no content

Final Note

Our editors reserve the right to reject or terminate any submitted listing for any reason they or the managing team at Yellow Pages Singularity Pte. Ltd. deem necessary.

For premium listing submission, any payment made is for the sole purpose of having the submission reviewed by our in-house editors and managing team. This payment does not guarantee acceptance.

In the event your paid review submission was not accepted, you'll be refunded the amount less 10% administrative fee. All decisions are final and by submitting a review request, you acknowledge acceptance of our website's terms and conditions.