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"Let Your Fingers Do The Walking"

For years, this slogan has been synonymous with the Yellow Pages directory. A physical book storing the contact details of thousands of local businesses and delivering them to the millions of consumers in Singapore.

As the world shifts to the digital age, we've been asked, "Is there still a consumer need for directories today?"

Apparently the answer is YES!

While most of us no longer "walk" our fingers across the physical Yellow Pages directory, today more than ever, our fingers do the walking for us. Consumers no longer want to walk into a store to find the right merchant for them. They want to find the right company instantly, even before picking up their phone.

They still want their fingers to do the walking for them, even if it is now across a keyboard instead of a physical directory.

With this in mind, we can confirm the method of searching has evolved, but the basic need for business information has not. So to respond to this, we knew our approach had to evolve as well.

Which led to this digital arm - SINGULARITY. A technological development not just for Global Yellow Pages Limited, but rather, for  the majority of SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) in Singapore. As we aim to provide a suite of cost effective digital marketing solutions that will revolutionise the local business scene.

Because whether you're a consumer or a business, with Yellow Pages...

We let your fingers do the walking!

The Yellow Pages Singapore Family

Within the ever growing Yellow Pages assets (digital and physical) in Singapore, Yellow Pages SME is an exciting solution for small and mid-sized businesses to enter the scene. As a digital solution under the umbrella of Yellow Pages Singularity Pte. Ltd, a digital arm for the local Yellow Pages brand, local businesses from start-ups to seasoned veteran will appreciate the possibilities we have to present.

Our key difference? You can expect to see us leveraging on many of the latest technological advancements to produce innovative solutions for businesses, both new and old. After all, our goal is to become the central starting point for more business innovations - to create a shift in the way consumers and businesses think for the future.

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