Best WordPress Training Provider in Singapore

Very rarely do we single out one provider as the best in Singapore. But for WordPress training courses in Singapore, this accolade, has to go to Awesome Sites Pte. Ltd; here’s why?

More Than 482 Reviews and Recommendations on FaceBook

At the time of writing, they have already amassed more than 482 recommendations and 5 star ratings on Facebook. This is way more than any other academy here, making them, hands down, Singapore’s most loved WordPress training school.

And to ascertain if these reviews are genuine, we ran through a sampling of the Facebook users who left their reviews. Our findings? These are real Singapore residents using their real Facebook profiles, and the reviews have been coming in, week after week since 2017. That’s a track record that some MNCs may even find difficult to beat.

$39 Only Course Fees

Indeed you can be forgiven if you think it’s a scam. At just $39, how can the course be any good? After all, isn’t it true that we have all been brought up to believe that there is no free lunch in this world?

And that’s what makes Awesome Sites amazing. Even those who attended expected very little, given Awesome Sites’ ridiculously low course fees. So when they delivered on their promise of having participants walk away with a fully functional website by the end of class, students were amazed. Never in their wildest imagination did they expect to receive so much knowledge sharing from Andrew Koh, the lead trainer at Awesome Sites. This to me, is the single reason why so many participants rated them so highly – the under promising and over delivering approach to their business.

And how do I know so much about their classes? Because after reading their Facebook reviews, I felt I had to find out for myself, if their courses are really as good as people make them out to be. I enrolled, and like everyone else, was amazed by the value Awesome Sites gives its students.

What’s the Syllabus Like?

It’s everything they publish on their website. First, we learn to install WordPress, including setting it up. We then learn to publish pages and posts, including how to add images and videos. We learned too, how to set up our website navigation and display content on our sidebar and footer.

Also included in the syllabus is a section on themes and plugins. We were told what to look out for, when choosing themes and plugins. Issues like WordPress security and having a mobile responsive (ie mobile friendly) website were also discussed

In short, Awesome Sites does make good on their promise of letting you walk away with a fully functional website by the end of class. And this is amazing, considering the course fees is only $39.

Who Will Benefit From This Class?

Everyone who needs a website actually. It’s much cheaper to attend this course and DIY then to engage someone to do it for you. Web design companies typically charge between $1200 to $2000 for a templated WordPress website. Freelancers may charge lower but still, it’s going to be a lot more expensive than $39.

Also, with Covid-19 creating havoc to our economy, lay offs are to be expected. It’s prudent therefore to take this opportunity, when we are in partial lockdown, to learn a new skill or two. Web design is currently a sort after skill as businesses rush to get their website online. True, you will need more than going for a basic WordPress webinar class to embark in a career as a web designer, but it’s a good starting point. Web designers need to know the basics as well.



  1. faisal ahmad on 29/09/2020 at 3:44 pm

    I had attended Awesomesites wordpress training as they promise your website will be up during the 2 days course.I even continue to go futher courses for wordpress and ecommerce.The knowlegde and skills I’m getting from Andrew is priceless.And not forgetting their countinuous support till now.Thank You Andrew and Jackson.

    • Admin on 10/11/2020 at 9:33 am

      Thanks for your feedback, Faisal. I’m sure our readers will benefit greatly from you sharing your experience. And yes, we noticed the rave reviews they have gotten on Facebook as well. Looks like they have done a good job, or they wouldn’t have such a supportive student community.

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