Durian Lobang King

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Durian Lobang King is currently fully booked till May, which provides as a testament to the popularity of their durians. They have also done interviews with local media companies like Channel 8, and have been featured on publishers like AsiaOne and Vulcan Post.

Durian Lobang King is founded by fellow durian lovers who wanted to provide durians at a good price. It all started out when they organized a durian buffet and found durian farms in Malaysia that provided good quality durians, which received raved reviews from their customers.

Other than durians, they also sell durian flavoured items like mochis, craquelin choux, mooncakes and crepes.


  1. Island-wide delivery

Pre-orders above $80 would be entitled to free delivery. For same day deliveries, they would be chargeable at $10 flat, regardless of the order amount. When your order has been dispatched your order, you would receive a WhatsApp message informing you that your items are on the way. If you have yet to receive any sort of confirmation, you can also contact their customer service representatives on WhatsApp to enquire on the order status.

Ensure that the contact information you have provided during the checkout process is accurate as all costs resulting from a change of delivery address or failure to deliver would be borne by the customer. If you are in a hurry to receive the durians, you can also opt for express delivery at a charge of $20, to receive your order within two hours. This is only available after 6pm. As with most delivery services, there would be at $15 surcharge for deliveries to Sentosa and Tues, and a $10 surcharge for deliveries to army camps.

  1. Bulk Order Promotion

If you happen to be part of a group buy WhatsApp group with your estate, or if you are organizing an office party and would like to make bulk orders, you are in for a treat! For every $800 of purchase made, you will get a $40 discount. For such orders, do WhatsApp the team at 8889 4868 directly two days in advance. There is also a minimum order of $600 whereby parment has to be made via PayNow only.


  1. Payment methods

Durian Lobang King accepts a variety of payment methods including PayNow, FavePay, Paypal, Master and Visa.


Aside from durians, Durian Lobang King also sells durian mocha, Mao Shan Wang durian crepes, Mao Shan Wang Craquelin Choux as well as Mao Shan Wang mooncakes

Mao Shan Wang Value Pack 450g – $46.90

Mao Shan Wang Jumbo Pack 900g – $83.90