Durian Papi

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Durian Papi has been one of the prominent players, having been featured on publishers like Seth Lui, The Smart Local, Nylon, Food King by Night Owl Cinematics and more.

They currently only have one item on their menu, but that also means that they have invested all their time and effort into perfecting that one product so you are definitely in for a treat!


  1. Handpicked by Durian Experts

Too busy to make your way down to stores and pick out durians for yourself? Well, that is what Durian Papi is here for! Each durian is hand-picked by Pahang’s durian farmers, based on it’s shape, smell and colour. Only the best quality durians are selected to be vacuum packed before being delivered to Singapore. Durian Papi’s Musang King taste mostly sweet, with a hint of bitterness to balance out that sweetness. With less time spent on choosing your own durians, you’ll have more time to savour Durian Papi’s durians!

  1. Delivery services

Enjoy same day delivery if orders are made bfore 6pm. All local purchases qualify for free express delivery, except for Tuas, army camps and Sentosa, including other hard to access areas and areas with an entry fee.

  1. One year shelf life when refrigerated

Durian Papi freezes their durians at -18 °C immediately after they are vacuumed packed in order to keep its freshness. As long as they are frozen at this temperature, you can keep them for up to a year. Even though Durian Papi’s durians are frozen, the quality of their durians are not compromised, as evident from the countless positive reviews on their website. This means that you can buy in bulk and store them up to consume during the off peak seasons, or on days where you would like a sweet treat in the comfort of your home!


  1. Cancellation Policy

Do ensure that all your order details are correct before placing the order as no cancellation is allowed once an order has been made due to logistical reasons.

  1. Refund and replacement policy

If you happen to face any problems like a missing order, or you have received a durian that has gone bad, do reach out to the team at hello@durianpapi.sg immediately, with a picture of your product in order to verify the problem at hand. Refunds and replacements are assessed on a case by case basis. Your refund or replacement would then be processed within three to five working days.


Currently, Durian Papi only sells one type of durian, which is the Musang King Durians.

One pack is currently going for $39.90 at 400g. If you purchase 3 packs, you would get one extra free!