Durian Delivery

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If you’re craving for freshly plucked durian that can be delivered within the hour, then look no further. As its name suggests, Durian Delivery is bound to satisfy your cravings, with the freshest and fleshiest durian delivered to your doorstep.


  1. Free Replacements for Bad Durians

Durian Delivery is the only seller in Singapore to offer free replacements. While you’re able to test the durians and do some quality checks before purchasing durians in stores, this would not be possible via delivery. With Durian Delivery, you can put your mind to ease because if you do receive durians that have gone bad, you’ll be able to get a free replacement. All you need to do is to take a picture of the durian that has gone bad and send your details over.

  1. No minimum order

Whether it’s for a party of 10, or just one, Durian Delivery provides delivery services. If your total order falls below $100, delivery charges start for $9.70 per location. If you would like to opt for express delivery, it would cost you $13.70 per location. However, if your total order hits $100, you’ll be entitled to free delivery! Delivery hours are from 10am till 11.59pm. Do remember to provide your contact details so that the delivery riders would be able to contact you. There will be additional charges of $15 for a second delivery if the first attempt fails.

  1. Critically Acclaimed Durians

Having been featured on sites like The Straits Times, Seth Lui, Vulcan, Moneysmart and more, you can be assured on the quality of durians. Durian enthusiasts would know that every minute after a durian is plucked, the quality would be compromised. Durian Delivery prides themselves on delivering their durians to your doorstep within six to 12 hours after they’re plucked, to ensure maximum freshness. Their durians come from Malaysia through a dedicated durian delivery fleet where no time is wasted in delivering the freshly plucked durians to Durian Delivery’s premises. While other stalls might push out old durians to their customers, Durian Delivery firmly believes in only shipping the freshest produce to their customers. This means that any durians left unsold at the end of the day would be sold to cake and dessert stores, instead of being kept for the next day’s orders.


  1. Delivery surcharge

While standard delivery is available for the most part of Singapore, there is a surcharge for deliveries to Sentosa and army camps

  1. No pick-up

There is currently no option for self pick-up of durians currently, meaning the only way you’ll get to enjoy Durian Delivery’s product is strictly through their delivery services.


  1. Live chat

If you have more questions regarding delivery or the quality of their Durians, feel free to contact them via live chat daily from 1pm to 11pm.


Pahang Signature Black Gold – $23/kg

Pahang Old Tree Mao Shan Wang – $21/kg

Mao Shan Wang – $19/kg

Durian Puree – $24 – $608

Vacuum Packed Frozen Durian – $43.90 – 100