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Durian Seller Singapore is a unique story for durian lovers who only want the very best of the king of fruits. While most sellers first instinct is to push and promote whatever is popular in the market right now, they choose to stick to their roots and their speciality – the Black Pearl.

Sure, you can still ask for the other local favourites like the Mao Shan Wang, the Red Prawn, the Golden Phoenix and more, but you can bet their boss is always ready to explain why the Black Pearl trumps them all. Its flavour profile is much richer and stronger than its counterparts. In fact, you can smell the intensity once you’ve opened your packet.


  1. The Black Pearl Quality Assurance

As one of the few durian sellers in Singapore that focuses on this particular variety of the fruit, you are assured with every order that only the best will be delivered. In fact, that’s precisely why they only accept same-day delivery orders made before 5pm. Because that’s when their supply from Johor reaches their stall and almost immediately they’ll get busy tearing their huge baskets of durians apart, slotting them into boxes, sealing these boxes in their vacuum tight bags, and by 6pm a driver is there to bring them to customers eagerly awaiting their arrival.


  1. Online Membership

All orders can be easily made through their website. If you register for an account, you would even get a complementary discount coupon for your first order. Their membership site keeps a record of your last orders so it is quick and easy to place another one anytime you want.

Delivery dates however, only goes up to a maximum of three days. We asked the owner the reason for placing such restrictions and unfortunately, too many potential customers made online orders weeks in advance then promptly forgot about it. Their behaviour led to the difficult decision of limiting advanced orders to simplify the online ordering process for the entire production team.

  1. PayNow Available

Perhaps what really sets their online site apart from the many others is the little PayNow QR code that appears after you’ve placed and confirmed your order. Most websites use the internationally recognised payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. So, it is a welcome sight when a local stall adopts a local solution.


Unlike some of the other durian sellers, your choice of durian selection is fewer. Sure, they have the ever popular ones like XO durian, D13, and those we’ve named previously, but their focus is the Black Pearl. They’ve sort of chosen to go the specialist route for durian supplies in Singapore and that model is paying off.

While the Black Pearl is indeed pricier compared to the other options, the contrast in richness, creaminess, texture, and taste has convinced this writer.

Prices do fluctuate with the amount of supply in the market, so do place an order whenever the durian season pops back up.