The Electronic Handshake


An online branding tool for agents that want to leverage on the internet to build a professional image and improve their referral generating system. Remember to speak with your account manager or a YP marketing executive for a suggested referral generating strategy.

SG Domain Option

Do check that the URL is available before selecting the option

We’ll need your NRIC to submit to SGNIC, the local domain registry.

Content Writing (Insurance Profile)

Do you require a professional content writer to draft out your personal branding story for your website?



The Electronic Handshake is an effective prospecting and referral lead generating tool for savvy agents wanting to build an effective online presence today. Posting a wefie with clients and publishing them on the website is straightforward and helps agents create unique and personal branding.

Plus, following up with appointments is simple as you have 100 confirmation SMSes to send out each month. These SMS are sent directly to a prospect or client’s mobile device after registering an appointment through the handy online booking form.

Subscription includes 1-year web hosting package and 1-year domain for standard TLDs (.com, .net, .org).


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