Let's Stand Together Singapore Our Solidarity Budget Package

An Exclusive Package to Help SMEs Transit Online During this Covid-19 Crisis.

MTI - Essential Services Exempted from Suspension

Going Beyond A Web Solution

The current Covid-19 situation has affected many businesses in Singapore.

And with the recent circuit breaker measures in place, now more than ever, we're seeing the absolute necessity for businesses to go online.

Because as malls shut and consumers are mandated to stay home, businesses will suffer.

Especially if they haven't already shifted some of their business processes online.

The Changing Landscape

We're not just talking about having the basic tools to receive enquiries like a contact form.

We're talking about web tracking tools installed so you know which pages your visitors are browsing. Or mobile responsive capabilities to allow online chat or a click-to-call button.

The online model has changed drastically over the last few years and unfortunately, not many companies have kept up.

A website today is no longer that pretty brochure you attach to a URL or domain name. It has to serve a larger purpose.

Whether that's facilitating the sales process or even aiding in the operational processes.

A website today has to integrate into the entire sales and marketing campaign. A large well known brand or an entrepreneur just starting out, it makes no difference.

It's for this reason that at Yellow Pages SME, we created a division to specialise in helping small businesses build an online sales-generating machine.

We Want to Do Even More

Unlike our competitors that only focus on building a pretty website for a steal, we prefer to pump our resources on building quality sales-driven websites.

That means every websites we build for clients have to achieve 2 Key Objectives.

  1. It has to be easy and simple to use - so our clients can continue to freely manage their content marketing efforts
  2. There must be sales or lead generating tools and functions included to help our clients get a ROI from their websites fast.

To achieve both of these objectives, it means we need to work closely with our clients to develop an asset for their business.

That's one of the reason our websites are premium, not just because of the price but also because of the workmanship and quality service.

Stand Together

But the virus situation made things complicated as it has blindsided many local hard working companies.

And as a Singapore-registered company we wanted to do our part. Largely because we were impress with the Solidarity Budget by MOF and also because  knew we had to do our part.

Unfortunately, we can't slash prices to match a freelancer as we still have an agency team to support. Instead, we can do the next best thing which is to offer a whopping huge discount of as much as 40% from our usual custom development fees.

This will largely depend on the tools and functions required to help your business grow and continue operations online.

Take a look below:

MOF Solidarity Budget

The YP SME Solidarity Web Package

An Exclusive Digital Solution Package to Help Digitalise in as Little as 1 week.

Facilitate Sales

5-Page Authority Website

The online arena focuses heavily on authoritative sites. Thankfully, you don't need too much content but there are at least 5 key pages you need to give your web visitors the confidence to contact you.

These are the key focus pages:

  1. Home Page - An overview of your business
  2. About Page - An introduction to your key members
  3. Contact Page - A formal way to contact you
  4. Services/Products Page - An overview of your business services
  5. Offer Page - An irresistible offer that will get your visitors calling
Targeted Traffic

Search Ready Web Visitors

A website alone isn't enough to generate leads or sales. You need the right traffic to land on your website. And the fastest way is through advertising to a select group of people.

Here are the key success factors:

  1. Target Audience - knowing exactly who to focus on
  2. Optimised Web Page - making the web page relevant
  3. Irresistible Offer - giving each web visitor a strong reason to call
  4. Mobile Optimised - Including user friendly functions for mobile
  5. Traffic Source - doubling down on the right traffic source for better results
Build Authority

USP Consultation & Coaching

What makes a company different from their competitors? Unfortunately, most companies don't spend enough time differentiating themselves which leads to undercutting and a price war.

Our consultants will help you with:

  1. Branding Message - a unique point about your business to emphasize
  2. Differentiation Factor - how to stand out from the sea of competition
  3. Irresistible Offer - how to package what you have into something great
  4. Competitor Analysis - uncovering what your competitors are doing
  5. Free Traffic Sources - how to leverage on free traffic sources

Get Started

The purpose of this package is to help businesses that have been relying on traditional mediums and platforms for the longest time. The stay home notice is definitely going to slow and even potentially kill some business.

We want to help you digitise fast. That means we need a solution that will work and can be executed in as little as 1 week.

Naturally we can't promise this will work for every industry as there are different considerations. But that's why we've assigned our consultants to understand your business needs and recommend an appropriate action plan for you.

All you have to do is complete this form and they will contact you (digitally) to get you started.

We look forward to helping you through this difficult time.

Let's stay strong together.