The SME's Secret Weapon

You may have heard of landing pages, funnels, lead magnet, and a whole lot of other jargon that makes modern website building complicated. Well, for most businesses, there are only 2 types of websites... Business-generating sites and online brochures.

We prefer to build the first type for our clients. Which do you prefer?

  • Discover why most websites are designed to look pretty but never to get prospects excited and raving to meet your sales team
  • The 3 "Do-or-Die" web pages that will make or break your prospect's first impression about your company and business
  • Do you know that most websites are never "programmed" to attract calls and enquiries? Make sure you include this... unless your website is strictly meant as an online brochure or portfolio site.
YPS - AMAZE Website Strategy

Does Your Business Need a Website?

This question might seem strange...


After all, we offer website building services yet here we are asking whether you truly need a website.


But here's the thing...


We've built many amazing and wonderful websites for our clients. And one of the areas we pride ourselves on is our easy-to-use client dashboard and admin area.


We've spent a considerable amount of time developing the system and infrastructure to extremely user-friendly. So much so, our clients don't have to sign any maintenance package with us to continue using the website.


However, we know not many people care about their website's backend. At least, not at the beginning.


So, rather than diving into the technical details, we wanted to make sure you know exactly what sort of value you expect to receive from any website service you engage.


Because if you're in a service-based business or profession, a properly optimised website can help you solve 2 of the most important things about prospecting...


It's one of the reasons why we emphasize and will keep on emphasizing about building Business Generating websites.


Websites that are an asset for our clients.


Because rather than owning a useless white elephant... our clients now have the ability to leverage a simple credibility trick with their websites that increases their appointment setting rate.


All it takes is one simple additional web page... and they're instantly elevated to an expert their prospects want to consult rather than seen as another sleazy salesperson.


One of the worst outcomes for any professional is to schedule an appointment and face a person who believes you're only there to sell them something.


Immediately, that person shuts out and refuse to listen to anything you have to say. No matter how important that message truly is.


Instead, with this seemingly simple website tactic, you will set yourself apart from all your competitors. Prospects will actually be excited to meet you as they've already convinced themselves, you can help them.


We've even had one of these websites where their prospect kept calling to schedule an appointment... yes, they were that eager to meet.


Now, isn't that a much better type of website you want for your business?

The Real Reason Clients Come to Us for their Website Building

But let's be frank...


To build such sites, our rates won't be at a freelancer level... we're still an agency after all.


At the same time, we're not talking about building highly complex websites... those only the mega enterprises need.


Currently, our most complex website project is perhaps for the private university, SIM, which has multi-language capabilities plus a couple of other advanced features.


Instead, most of our clients are SMEs or professionals. That means we strive to keep our solutions affordable and useful for this group of people.


After all, we discovered that many of them tried building their own websites using online software, both free and paid...


Only to realise they were not designed trained and they lacked the know-how to use those tools properly.


Others tried outsourcing to freelancers whether in Singapore or countries like India and China. Yet again, these freelancers usually use cheaper grade tools or lack a tight process to get the job done quickly.


Some tried one of the other agencies...


And unfortunately, some of these agencies choose to implement specific coding that blocks these clients of ours from using their website.


The goal is to intentionally make it difficult to edit even simple content like their contact detail. Ultimately, these clients have little choice but to go back to them again and again.


Not surprisingly, many of them chose to jump ship and came to us for help.

Can You Overcome the Single Biggest Website Building Obstacle

Here's the thing...


Even if you managed to find the right person or agency to build your website... at the right budget, you're comfortable with... and a portfolio you're happy with...


There's still the biggest hurdle that could potentially push back any project by months... in one sad case, we had a client come to us because their project had been delayed for over a year...


And it was still nowhere close to completion.


Out of desperation, he came to us as he didn't want to, nay, couldn't wait any longer.


This obstacle sounds trivia, yet a large majority of prospects and clients we meet are unable to solve it...


We're talking about website content.

What You Say On The Internet Matters

Every single page on a website must have a purpose.


Otherwise, it's redundant or useless.


And perhaps the most important element on any website is the content.


Knowing what to say and how to say it has the power to make or break your business appointments.


But here's the thing...


When we start to ask our clients about their business, they always have plenty to talk about. Their years of professional experience makes them a remarkable and valuable expert within their industry.




Their prospects don't know that. Their web visitors don't know that. And their potential clients don't know that.


And that's because they failed to put up the right content that highlights their expertise.


Plus, it doesn't help that most web development agencies aren't equipped with this skillset either.


Here's a quick example...


When we spoke with one client about his "About" page, his initial idea was to display the certificates he had attained over the years.


Now, there's nothing wrong with putting certs, but it doesn't demonstrate to the web reader who he is or how he can help them.


As a result, we had to walk through with him our "Online Rapport" tactic.


So, rather than show "boring" stats that everyone else is saying...


He now has a powerful message that builds an instant connection with his target audience.

The Truth About Business Generating Websites

And having worked with clients across many different industries...


From plumbing to real estate, accounting, F&B outlets, handyman, construction, beautician, window film, corporate leasing, and so many more...


The fact remains that the right content has the ability to transform any website from another online brochure...


Into a Business Generating asset!


Websites that increases business-related activities for our clients.


Such websites don't have to be complicated (read: expensive), but it does have to fulfil certain key criteria.


5 key criteria that you must include to power up your website content... regardless of niche or industry.


We call this sort of website building approach...


The AMAZE website technique...

YPS AMAZE Websites

The business-generating thought process that goes behind every website project we undertake.


Know who your main target audience (i.e. prospects and clients) for the website are.


Display a level of mastery in your niche or industry to convince your audience they must contact you.


Impress your target audience using the right aesthetic elements they're specifically looking out for.


Highlight and showcase your company's zeal and passion for serving clients in your industry.


Get your web readers excited and raving to meet your sales rep or buy from your online store.

The Features Overview

Many freelancers and web agencies will boast about including a long list of "features" that sound different but are actually the same. We prefer to boast about how we use our web design and development features to help you create a business-generating asset.

However, to help business owners who need some form of features documentation to make a decision, here are some of the key features we include in our websites.

  • Responsive web design

  • SEO friendly site

  • Cross browser compatible

  • Royalty free images (optional)

  • Easy-to-update content area

  • Google map integration

  • Fast site loading

  • Reliable uptime performance

  • Front line security

  • Online form integration

  • Complete WordPress functionality

  • Content management system

It Starts With Your Audience

As you can see, we consider many things when it comes to designing a business-generating website.


Unfortunately, too many website developers we know, choose only to focus on the aesthetic part.




Their aesthetic element was derived based on what the business owner's friends and family felt is pretty to them.


That could mean, an oil and gas industry business owner asking the opinion of a florist whether the website is considered "nice-looking".


Or an electrical hardware store seeking the opinion of an accountant to gauge if the website is considered good.


It's like asking a heavy-metal fan to rate a classical music piece. Wrong group of performers for the wrong group of people!


Instead, our team always start with the Audience. The category of people (or company) that will ultimately become your customer or client.


This way, right from the start, we are providing the information THEY are searching for. And this influences the design and structure of the website to include elements THEY feel is important.


Here are a couple of examples...

Web design to appeal to clients searching for personal fitness instructors or gyms.

Web design that appeals to corporations requiring a web hosting service provider.

We wouldn't want to put lifestyle images and visuals to a serious website and vice versa.


There are many more examples from our portfolio which we could provide but the important thing to take note here is...


Your business website should focus on generating business activities for your company. And that can only work when you know who your key audience is.


Here's the thing...


Once you have your primary audience in mind, everything else instantly falls into place.


You will know what to showcase or include on the website to highlight your Mastery. The Aesthetic elements will become crystal clear. Displaying or including content to highlight your zeal and passion becomes much easier.


And if all the other boxes are checked... your target audience is almost guaranteed to be excited to meet you or your sales rep.


Plus, should all else should fail, we still have a Secret Weapon strategy to trigger client excitement. (More on this later)

An Amazing Experience

Now, we know some business owners may find it difficult to "pick and choose" who their main target audience is...


Or selecting the right aesthetic elements to display on their website... or deciding how to highlight and present zeal and mastery or induce excitement on their web pages.


That's perfectly fine.


It's the reason we've invested time and effort to train our account managers to coach and guide our clients on their website building journey.


And right now, we want to offer you this same opportunity... absolutely free!


Book an appointment with our account manager, and let them walk through with you the key elements that are important to your business... from a business-generating website perspective.


Plus, there's no obligation for you to buy a website or any other online product or service from us at the end of the session.


Instead, we're confident our account managers will impress you so much... you'll naturally decide we're the right partner for your company.


To get started, all you need to complete is the form or call the hotline you see below.


Once you've filled it up and clicked submit, our system will assign an account manager to contact you within the next 48 hours to schedule an appointment.


It's that simple.

An Extra Word...

Look, if you're still deciding whether to take us up on our free website coaching and guiding session...


Well, we're not going to tell you to act fast as your competitors might book an appointment with us first. Nor are we going to harp on the importance of having a first-mover advantage in your industry.


We believe you already know how fast technology is zooming past us today and why businesses need to leverage on the correct type of website to thrive in the digital age.


The covid-19 pandemic opened many business owners' eyes to our modern-day digital reality.


You're probably already aware of this and the fact you've read up to this point tells us you're serious about building the right website for your business.


That's why when you schedule an appointment, remember to ask our account manager during the session about our Secret Weapon strategy.


It's a unique strategy we share with clients that teaches them how to leverage on their websites to trigger the feeling of excitement in their prospects.


If you're a service-based business, this strategy will transform the perspective of your prospect before an appointment.


One of the most terrifying experience for a salesperson is meet a cold and unforgiving prospect... someone who thinks it is just another selling appointment... and instantly, their body language closes up.


Instead, imagine going for an appointment where your prospect can't wait to meet you. They're actually excited to see you and listen to you. How awesome would such an appointment be?


A properly optimised website can achieve that for most appointments.


After all, this strategy dwells heavily on the Mastery portion so your prospect sees you as the expert they've been searching for.


And if you're an e-commerce business, then our account manager will reveal a strategy to "lower" their perceived risk and in turn, switch off their online defences.


They will feel confident to take the single most important first step any e-commerce website must achieve.


Plus, once you've achieved that first step, your website will also instantly solve the second most important element...




The hardest thing for anyone to do on the internet today is to trust a website. There are millions of websites on the internet, why would did they yours?


Especially, if it's the first time they're seeing a particular page...


Just like you're reading this right now, you first have to decide whether you trust our message...


And only when you're sure that everything we've said and mentioned is worthy of your trust... at this particular point, you will feel comfortable and confident enough to trust us with an appointment.


Your website has to do the same and we would like to show you how.


All you have to do is take a couple of minutes to complete the form and our account manager will share more with you very soon.