Get Recognised as the Expert. And Start Attracting Serious Clients as a YP Industry Partner.

The Yellow Pages Industry Partnership program is the perfect solution for traditional brick-and-mortar stores, innovative SMEs, and growing enterprises to quickly get recognised as a market expert and leader. By qualifying as a verified partner, you can potentially attract serious prospects and clients that are actively searching for a certified industry leader.

A Business Process for Express Success

Dedicated Authority Micro-site

As a YP Industry Partner, you'll receive an entire micro-site specifically built around your selected niche that recognises your company's area of expertise.

High Commercial-Intent Visitors

Attract only the highest level of search intent visitors who are actively looking for a company that can help them resolve a commercial or personal need.

Search & Conversion Optimised

Algorithmic updates should never affect your online business presence. That's why our partner's micro-sites are specifically designed for search rankings and lead generation.

Why Partner with Yellow Pages?

The Yellow Pages brand has always been a trusted name with SMEs in Singapore. But over and beyond being associated with the brand name, this digital arm specialises in search ranking which focuses on bringing targeted web visitors to your online presence.

This means web visitors who are actively searching for a solution or an expert who can help them with a problem they're dealing with. This reduces sales and prospecting time for partners as prospects are less likely to require education on your industry's services.

But in the rare event some visitors do require more information to convince themselves you are the right company for the job, the micro-site is the online platform to do just that.

By displaying past work, reviews and portfolios, these visitors can read and discover for themselves why a Yellow Pages Industry Partner is highly rated and supported on this platform.

It is more than an endorsement, it is an affirmation that your company has been vetted and verified by our team to be experienced and qualified for the job.

How It Works

All interested Industry Partners are required to undergo an interview process with our Partnership Specialists. This process is to ensure that your company is indeed a professional within your industry.

Once our specialists have verified and determined the niche for your company, a dedicated micro-site will be built or assigned to your company. This micro-site is niche specific and restricted to just 1 company.

And as the Industry Partner for that niche, your company's contact details (website, hotline, business email) will be listed on every page of the micro-site and all email enquiries through the provided contact form will be directed to you.

We do expect our partners to be professional with all leads and referrals as our team reserves the right to review all our Industry Partners to ensure quality service for our web visitors and clients.

Partnership Selection Eligibility

Being represented as a YP Industry Partner means your company is a business our web visitors can trust to always be professional with relevant industry experience.

In addition, each niche micro-site forms a critical part of the overall content marketing campaign strategy for the various industry.

Effectively, by becoming an Industry Partner, your business may be seen as a thought leader and the Yellow Pages preferred vendor for your selected niche in Singapore.

For this reason, all our partners are shortlisted and verified by our specialists before ever being presented with a partnership listing opportunity.

Each partnership agreement is essentially an exclusive position on the Yellow Pages SME platform. (At all times, there will only ever be 1 company endorsed per niche with a dedicated micro-site space.)

To learn more about the eligibility criteria, please contact our Partnership Specialists to schedule a consultation.