“My customers were begging me to sell them durians… but I didn’t know how… I just wasn’t prepared…”

Discover How this Hokkien-Speaking Durian Seller Unleashed an Influx of Orders Online...
...And Took Advantage of the Covid-19 Pandemic!

In one fell swoop, he lost his workers, he lost his sales staff, even worse... he had no system to collect orders from customers.

But he had determination and grit!

He wasn’t about to let his thirty over years business flush down the drain because of a virus.

Not without first putting up a fight...

YPS - Ecom Launcher Promo - Launch a Durian Seller Website

Dear business owner,

When Alan first approached us, we could tell he was tired.

Here was a man who had painstakingly built up his business over the last 30 years.

He had built up a reputation as the durian expert along Rangoon road.

He had scaled up his business from a one-man operation into a systematic-running small team.

And he had his operations running clockward.

Every. Single. Day.

11am his morning stock arrives for the afternoon crow.

5pm a fresh batch for the evening crowd.

And a final supply of durians around 8pm for the late-night durian lovers.

Business was brisk and he rarely had to step into the stall as his workers knew exactly what they had to do every day.

Then Covid-19 happened.

And in one fell swoop, the Corona Virus almost destroyed his business.

Caught Unawares

Like many local F&B businesses in Singapore, his workforce comprised largely of Malaysians.

And as you can guess…

When the Circuit Breaker (lockdown) started, his workers were sent back.

But that was not the worst of things...

Everyone was told to stay home.

That meant his customers couldn’t come.

Not to mention the instant drop in every day foot traffic.

It was like waking up only to find yourself still stuck in a nightmare.

No doubt, he was at his wit’s end.

But he wasn’t about call it quits. Not yet.

After almost twenty years in the business, he had dealt with enough backstabbing, betrayals, and crisis imaginable.

This pandemic was not going to put him down.

Especially since he knew what he had to do to save his business…

His durian stall had to go online!

Chinese Educated and Non-Tech Savvy

The first option he considered was the local food delivery platforms.

That meant mobile app platforms like GrabFood and foodpanda.

Everyone was rushing to get onboard.

But what little he understood about the platform shocked him.

Some of them were charging as much as a 30% service fee on all orders.

It didn’t seem fair.

As a merchant, he had to fork out 30% from his selling price to pay as commission to the platform.

He can’t raise prices as his competitors are also on the same platform.

On top of that…

He was asked to give a discount to entice their users to buy from him.

Talk about a double whammy.

First, he has to absorb the 30% as cost.

Next, he still had to give additional discounts.

It didn’t make business sense to him.

And it was the same story with the other ecommerce platforms.

Whether that’s Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, you name it.

Some of their agents called him, met up with him, and even shared the many amazing features of their packages.

But each and every one of them was the same…

They wanted a cut of his sales and he had to throw in a substantial discount.

Plus, there were new competitors popping up on these platforms every other day.

He knew better…

If he were to start an online store, it had to be on his own terms.

Not anyone else’s.

The Fatal Downsides of Subscription Sites

But he had a serious problem…

Being Chinese educated and unfamiliar with the internet world…

There was no way he could build a website himself.

Some friends told him about subscription sites like Shopify.

It is easy they said.

But firstly, he didn’t have the time since he was manning the stall every day.

Secondly, he had no IT skills…

A primary school kid could beat him in an English contest…

It would take forever for him to figure things out.

And even if he could read and use those sites… he didn’t have any design flair to boast about.

This is a man who has been selling durians for the last 20 odd years.

But that’s not the worst of it…

These subscription sites have recurring charges!

Because when you sell your products through their platform, they take a cut of your sale.

Usually, about 1-3% plus the admin fee depending on the volume of your transactions.

Sure, that’s fair since you’re using their payment service.

But there was an additional fee…

And this one stung…

You have to pay a monthly subscription. And as you sell more products on your online store, that fee increases as well.

If that’s not painful enough…

There are the terms and conditions which most business owners blindly agree to.

He pulled a friend in to read and translate for him.

Most of us are guilty of skipping to the bottom and checking the “I agree to the T&Cs” without ever reading the terms…

But his years of business taught him to be careful.

And here’s the catch they uncovered…

In a paragraph or two within the long chunks of text… somewhere in the middle…

You agree that they hold the rights to the content you publish on their site.

And if you were ever to breach those terms, they have the right to pull your website off.

Think about this for a moment…

Imagine if your ecommerce store is already bringing in sales every day.

Maybe it’s a $1000 a day or perhaps you’ve just started and it’s only a few hundred bucks a day.

In a month, that’s at least $3,000 worth of sales.

Now, suppose for some reason, the platform decided that you have breached their terms and block your site.

Picture that, one day the store is bringing in revenue and the next, it is closed for No reason.

No notice given.

And getting it back up is almost next to impossible.

Even if it’s only for a couple of weeks…

During those weeks, your logistics, your customer support, and your brand image are going to get clobbered.

Think it won’t happen?

There have been enough complaints on the internet and in those platforms’ forum to show disgruntled users screaming for help to no avail.

And the same thing has happened to businesses relying solely on social media platforms.

That was enough to deter him.

He knew if he wanted to go online, he had to do it right.

He needed a proper website development agency.

"I Want A Website. But I Don’t Want To Be Involved."

Alan Working At His StallWe weren’t the first agency Alan spoke to.

And the truth is…

His request was exceptionally demanding.

He wanted an ecommerce website.

But not just any website…

His customers must have the ability to choose their preferred delivery date on the site.

At the same time… he had a cut off time of 5pm for same day deliveries.

That was the easy part.

Here’s the kicker…

He doesn’t have the time or the skills to manage the website.

So, he needs someone to upload the content for him.

He was willing to fill up the excel sheet with the product information like the title and a simple description.

And he would give us some images.

But that was it.

To top it off…

He didn’t have the time to log on to the website to check the orders.

We think it’s because he’s afraid to log onto an English website…

But it did pose a serious problem…

How does a business owner manage an ecommerce website without ever logging in?

Redeveloping Our Systems

To tell you frankly…

We should have flatly rejected his project.

From the sound of things, there was no way he was going to fork out thousands of dollars to build a website.

Much more an ecommerce website!

But his case got us thinking…

What if we could develop a system that would help traditional retail owners like him?

It means setting up an ecommerce store that manages delivery, stock notification, order notification and much more.

Most importantly…

It needed automation!

The website had to encourage web visitors to sign up as a member and continue to persuade them to sell.

The truth is…

We were ready to call it quits.

The development cost alone would burst all budgets.

Still, we pulled together a team of smart developers, programmers and marketers at Yellow Pages.

Their job was to scrutinise every successful ecommerce sites.

What made them work…

What mistakes others committed…

And how could we clone their success for customers like Alan.

So, for a week, they did nothing but browsed every ecommerce website they’ve ordered from, considered buying from, and those they truly hated in their guts.

One site after another.

Then it was straight to the drawing board…

And here's what they discovered...

The Secret to a Successful Ecommerce Business


That’s the first thing they all agreed on.

Because when a web visitor lands on your ecommerce website, they’re entering your “home ground”.

There are no competitors and no alternative solutions here.

You decide the brands to promote, you decide the products to push out, why, you even decide which promos to show.

And on which pages too.

In short, YOU control every aspect of your website.

And more importantly…

You control the process that leads a new web visitor into a sale.

Sure, every business is different…

But the same common elements kept popping up in their research.

Here’s a snippet of these elements…

  1. Customer Membership: Allowing web visitors to register as a free member which in turn opens new opportunities to market and sell to them again.
  2. Inventory Management: Setting stock management and notifications so you’re never in a situation where a customer is ready to buy only to find out you’re out of stock.
  3. Discounts & Coupons Tools: Easily set, control and offer discount coupons for new customers or even as a reward for repeat customers
  4. Free Delivery Benchmark Option: Offer free delivery when a customer has hit a targeted sales volume – this is a sneaky way some companies use to subtle encourage customers to spend more
  5. Guest Checkout Option: Forcing a web visitor to create an account just to make a purchase can be offsetting for some, instead with this option, you get them to make a purchase first, then bring them into your sales funnel.
  6. Payment Gateway Selection: Give your customers the option to choose which payment gateway they prefer using. The common ones today include Paypal, Stripe, and PayNow for bank transfer.
  7. Ecommerce Sales Reporting: An often-overlooked feature but having the data of what your online customers are looking at and spending money on is powerful as it helps business owners strategise and adjust their offers accordingly.

It all boiled down to one thing…

Sales and marketing features!

Not design or other cosmetic features, but features carefully placed to drive and increase sales.

The Acid Test

But could we recreate these features?

That’s what we were determine to uncover.

So, we went back to Alan and told him we were going to create an ecommerce solution unlike any other in the market.

And we wanted to see if that model could work for his durian business.

His only role?

Simply to fulfill any orders as he received them.

Taking a leap of faith, he agreed.

So, near the end of June 2020... in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic... we launched the website...

Customers landed...

They placed their orders...

It went straight to his phone...

And he fulfilled each order.

Rinse. And. Repeat.

By the end of that first month after launching his online store…

Ecom Launcher Promo - Client Website Backend Dashboard Orders Report
(Sales Orders Report taken from the client's website's dashboard)

It brought in a whopping $4,871.00 worth of online sales.


That amount wasn’t fantastic enough for us.

But considering this was his first online store, in its first month, with almost minimum involvement…

We thought it wasn't too bad for a hokkien-speaking durian seller.

In fact, you can check out his online durian delivery service for yourself.

Almost everything running on auto-pilot with minimal involvement on his part while his team handles the online enquiries if any.

A Solution for Traditional Retail Owners

The fact is…

Alan’s story isn’t a one-off incident.

There are many more traditional retail and brick and mortar owners who have experienced this same tragic event.

They too couldn’t go online.

And approaching any decent agency would mean blowing a few thousand dollars in their bank accounts.

Not unless we intervened.

By offering them this solution we’ve created.

A system to help traditional businesses start selling online.

In as little as two weeks.

With all the tools and marketing features you will need in one website.

That reminds visitors to register for an account and reminds them to make a purchase.

And that’s why we’re writing this letter.

Because after making some adjustments, we now have the solution to help businesses digitalise in a secured and stress-free way.

Introducing… YPS Ecom Launcher Package

A limited time "Done-For-You" ecommerce website package that gets an online store up and running in as little as two weeks or less.

All you need to prepare is your list of products and we're good to go.

Plus: It contains ALL the key features you need to launch an online sales-driving machine for your business.

Now, more than ever, traditional brick and mortar business owners are feeling the pinch.

If you’re not already online, with a good digital presence, your business will suffer.

Full stop!

Not only can’t customers find you, worse… some of them might “accidentally” go to your competitors.

But that being said, building a website isn’t cheap.

Or at least it hasn’t been.

Not if you wanted a professionally designed site.

Even more if you want a sales-driven one.

That’s why here at Yellow Pages, we want to take the heavy load off your shoulder with a solution that solves all the biggest headache of launching an ecommerce website…

The sales element!

That journey led us to creating this exclusive E-com Launcher Package that gives you…

  • A fully functioning ecommerce website in as little as two weeks or less.
  • The main marketing tools to help you attract and retain customers on your website. (The goal is to encourage customers to shop and buy more while they’re browsing.)
  • Professionally designed store fronts personalised to your business brand and colours – this helps with long term branding.
  • A unique domain name if you don’t already have one plus a web hosting plan for vanity emails (such as our support@yps.com.sg)
  • Training videos to help you run your online store and easily create coupons and vouchers

You see, we had but one intention when we designed this package…

The Ecom Launcher Package is the Fool-Proof System to Help Business Owners Start Selling Online

For people who are not tech savvy…

  • You don’t have to figure out how to design the website or solve technical issues like linking your email address to the enquiry form…
  • You won’t have to scrutinise any T&C or worry about your website getting pulled down because some platform owner said so…
  • You don’t have to research on ecommerce conversion tricks or secrets as we’ve already included the tools you need to get started…

Plus, because we’re using WordPress, an internationally recognised content management system…

If you wanted...

  • You can easily add blog posts and articles to grow your content marketing efforts if you choose to do so…
  • You can easily add in new informational pages like a new store location or a new outlet…
  • You know your website is mobile responsive and looks good regardless of the device your customer uses to access your online store…
  • You can scale and grow your website with new tools and functions in the future as your business grows…
  • You can assign users with different access levels and capabilities which is a great way to outsource or include employees without having to give up the master control of your website.

And we’re just scratching the surface of features here.

Using this system, Alan opened a new avenue of online customers he previously didn’t have access to.

He can now continue selling to his customers even if they can't visit his stall.

It Spring Boards Sales for Online Retail Stores Too

And it’s not just F&B that stand to gain with the Ecom Launcher Package.

Retailer clients are leveraging on this system too.

Because of this online delivery model...

Another client that specialises in online cabinetry and storage solutions runs a strictly online store.

There's no showroom to visit.

All orders are managed and handled online.

And when a visitor lands on their website for the first time…

Cabinet Seller Client Website
World Mall Cabinets: An online site promoting offers for cabinets and other storage solutions.

A welcome message pops up inviting them to register for a free membership account.

This instantly create a database of potential customers, they can follow up and continue selling to.

It didn’t matter if they didn’t buy anything the first-time round.

We know it happens...

Most people need time to discuss with their spouse before committing to a buying decision.

But this doesn't give them any worry.

Because the system has locked in the data.

After a day has passed, an email is sent...

Reminding them of their order and to complete payment.

Best part?

It all runs on automation.

Set then forget.

This gives the business owners more time to focus on scaling and growing the business while the website “manages” the sales follow-up for them.

The 24/7 Salesman

Because with a website specifically designed for sales...

It’s like hiring a digital salesman who is tirelessly working for your business.

Just bring web visitors to your website and let it do the rest.

That’s the beauty of having a system that works for you.

And it gets better…

You don’t have to spend time, effort, or resources learning or figuring out how to build this system…

Because we have already done ALL the heavy lifting.

You just piggyback on the system.

Engage any experienced web developer team to hardcode an entire ecommerce website with a fraction of these features and functions and it will easily take at least 1-2 months of development.

And that’s before they start running their User Acceptance tests that goes on for another month or so.

Instead, if you already have your product information and images on hand, we can get you up and running in 2 weeks or less.

After all, in business...

Time is money!

What Will I Need To Get Started?

That’s why we knew we had to make the onboarding process as simple as possible.

Here’s the best part…

All you need to prepare is a list of the products you want to sell, the product description and their images.

Basically, the information you should already have.

With that on hand…

We will assign an Account Manager to walk you through our questionnaire to help our team learn more about your business

And that’s it.

We will even provide you with an excel sheet to fill in the details so you can’t possibly go wrong.

Altogether, there are only 3 steps you got to take note of…

  1. Meet Your dedicated assigned Account Manager to go through a short questionnaire
  2. Fill in your product details into the excel sheet
  3. Let our inhouse development team launch your fully functioning sales-driven ecommerce website

The Account Manager will also explain to you what are the key pages you need and what features to include to personalise your website.

The Technical Specs

Website Programmes & Widgets
  • User Dashboard
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Advanced Gallery
  • Inventory & SKU Management
  • Order Management
  • Sales Report Generation
  • Product Management
  • Promotions Management
  • Discount Coupons
  • Guest Checkout
  • Product Filtering System
  • Product Reviews & Ratings
  • Unlimited Number of Products & SKUs
  • Unlimited Number of Categories & Taxonomies
  • Unlimited Number of Blog Posts
  • Unlimited Number of Web Pages
  • Unlimited Users with different User Capability & Access Levels
  • Simple & Variable Product Attributes
  • Flat Rate, Free Shipping, & Self Collection Options
  • Cross Product Selling (Related/Up-sell)
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Paypal/Stripe/Paynow/Internet Banking)
Marketing & Data
  • Meta Title Tags
  • Meta Description Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • HTML Tags
  • XML Sitemap
  • Sitemap & RSS submission
  • Site Data Analytics Integration
Initial Setup & Support
  • Up to 30 SKUs
  • Up to 10 Static Pages
  • Training Videos & Tutorials
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Website Consultation
Optional: Domain & Web Host
  • 12-months standard TLDs domain name worth $25 (.com, .net, .org)
  • 12-months standard hosting worth $120
  • 12-months SSL certificate worth $40
  • 2x 3-monthly website servicing package worth $60
  • 6-months warranty package

All based on tried and tested systems.

And if that wasn't enough…

We know you have big plans to grow and scale your website even bigger in the future.

Because as sales and revenue start flowing in, you will naturally want to expand and perhaps even customise certain functionalities…

Well, we have also made sure the Ecom Launcher Package is equipped for those scenarios.

Sure, there will be some tweaking and customisation but you won’t ever have to build a brand-new ecommerce website from scratch.

Not unless you insisted but why would you?

So, with so many amazing features and contingencies in place, I’m sure the only question on your mind then is…

How much do I have to invest?

Let’s be frank…

Suppose you didn’t ask a programmer to hardcode the website from scratch…

Suppose you went to an agency to ask them to quote you to build an ecommerce website with the standard features like up to 30 SKUs and up to 10 static pages…

Most agencies will quote you no less than $4,500 to get started.

Mind you this is a no-frills ecommerce website we’re talking about.

There are no marketing features like the pop-up window or the automated emails. Nothing.

Sure, some agencies might after some arm-twisting, throw in one or two of them as “bonus”, but you’re just trying your luck here.

It’s not definite.

And as we've proved...

The marketing features are the most important aspect of them all.

Now if you’ve been following the news recently, you’ve probably heard that the Singapore government has rolled out some initiatives to help SMEs digitalise…

That there are grants you can tap on…

But for new businesses, this might actually be the most expensive option available.

Let me explain…

The Hidden Cost of Grants

First, let us start by being clear about one thing about the various grants…

Whether you’re considering the Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) or the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) the same principles hold…

They’re digitalisation grants, NOT website grants.

Here’s why this definition is so important…

In order for any business to qualify for either of these two grants, you must first and foremost be adopting a digitalisation package.

The ecommerce function is just one part of it.

A means to an end so to speak…

Because to qualify...

...the solution has to fit one of the approved categories.

In most cases, the agency will push for the inventory management solution.

That means having an ecommerce website but it also means having an inventory management solution attached to it.

Now, as we’ve already uncovered, the ecommerce component is about $4,500 on average.

Adding in the inventory management function, would bring the overall solution up by another $4,000 minimum.

Most agencies would try to maximise the grant and come up with a solution that is closer to $10,000.

After all, it’s the government’s money, right?

Well, yes and no.

Here’s why…

When it comes to claiming grants in Singapore, it works on a pay-then-claim-back basis.

What this means is…

You would have to pay that $10,000 upfront first to the pre-approved agency or vendor.

Once the payment is recorded (through an invoice and bank statement), the vendor can submit this transaction for approval.

The process on average takes about 6 months, and assuming no complications, you get back up to 80% of that amount.

That’s the PSG.

If you’re in the F&B or retail industry, you can apply for the DRB as well and a cash top-up of $2,500 so long as the solution meets some of the other criteria.

In most cases, your actual cash payment would amount to about $2,000 if everything goes right.

Not too bad since you would originally have to come up with about $4,500 plus you have some additional inventory management functionality as a bonus.

Well, this model works well, assuming you can afford the initial 10 grant capital outlay.

For most businesses however, this money might be better spent on ads to drive more web traffic to the site.

But that’s not all…

There’s no guarantee that the grant will be approved, that’s why there is an application process.

In a worst-case scenario, you could have come up with the initial $10K, wait six months, and not get back the 80%. Plus, your website might not even be ready by the end of the wait.

For some business owners, this might be a very REAL concern for them.

Our Misfortune. Your Opportunity.

Unfortunately for us at Yellow Pages, we’re not a pre-approved vendor. (Not yet at least)

That means as much as we want to…

We can’t help our clients get this grant.

Meaning, we can’t start charging $10,000 for our ecommerce solutions though we know it is already worth that value even if we do.

After all, our Ecom Launcher Package is specifically designed to convert and get sales for our clients.

Too bad for us.

But an excellent opportunity for you.

You see…

We want to be an approved vendor for the grant.

We don’t think it is fair to us…

We have a much superior system yet our competitors are pricing theirs at a much higher rate.

Only because the government is paying a huge bulk of it.

So, as they say…

If you can’t beat them…

But here’s the problem…

The qualifying criteria is stringent and tough.

Plus, there’s a hard deadline as the grant period is set to expire by the end of this year.

That forces us to bring in as many clients in as short a time as possible.

And to qualify, we need to provide 5 letters of intents. 5 clients who are interested in our solution and ready to pay for it.

Technically, our sales team could rush and bring in 5 more clients and we could submit our application as a pre-approved vendor.

But we’re greedy…

We want to seal the deal.

Confirmed. Guaranteed. Plus, Chopped.

To do that, we want to overwhelm the approving committee and prove the Ecom Launcher Package is the treasure we know it to be.

Overwhelm them with new client orders that they have no choice but to hand us the pre-approved status on a silver platter.

And we think you will love what we have in stored to achieve just that…

We’re Unabashedly Slashing Prices... Our Competitors will Complain We’re Crazy

We want to submit at least 20 new clients instead of the minimum 5 required.

And after we’ve submitted, we want to continue submitting even more new orders and bug the approving agent until we get that status.

We’ve already told you that building an ecommerce website isn’t easy. There are a lot of key functions to put in place.

And to make it a sales-driven website requires even more labour, work and manhours involved.

That’s why most sane agencies will price their packages at no less than $4,500.

But because of the grants, it is a logical choice for you to work with a pre-approved agency and pay the $2,000, even if you’re getting features you don’t need.

Even if that means coming up with the $10,000 first.

It makes sense.

That’s why we know the only way we can convince you to choose the Ecom Launcher Package is to offer a ridiculously cheap price with ALL the features we’ve talked about.

We’re talking about…

  • Email reply automation…
  • Cart abandonment functions…
  • Minimum order to free shipping reminders…
  • Pop-up messages and notifications…
  • Personalised coupon and discount vouchers…
  • Delivery date and time selection…
  • Vanity emails…
  • An optional 1-year free domain (standard TLDs) and web hosting…

And many more features depending on what makes sense for your business.

With such a unique solution in the market, even pricing it at $2,000 would be a steal for any serious business owner.

But we wanted to go even further…

We thought of slashing that price by half and at $1,000, it is a definite no-brainer.

But I did say that we’re desperate to succeed in our application, right?

And there’s only one way to do that…

We are going to do what no other agency will ever do…

For a limited time only, until we get those new cases to submit for our application…

You can get the entire Ecom Launcher Package for …

A single payment of just $899.

(Or three payments of $349)

Yes, you read that right.

Like I said earlier…

Our loss. Your gain.

For less than the price of an ipad pro, you get a fully functioning sales-driven ecommerce website.

All you have to do is to select your preferred payment term option (single or monthly) then click on the "Sign Up Now" button below.

A "View Basket" button will pop up, click on that link and you'll be brought to our cart page, click the proceed to check out and complete your payment details...

And that's it.

You will have secure your spot as long as they haven't all been snatched up.

Once the payment is confirmed, an assigned Account Manager will contact you to walk you through the website development process.

Credit cards logo

And unlike the pre-approved vendors with the luxury of time… we’re eager to build these websites fast.

That doesn’t mean we’re cutting corners, rather because of our Rapid Deploy System, we can speed up our development processes.

(More about the Rapid Deploy System in the FAQ below)

Plus, our development team have committed to working on websites like crazy over the next month or so.

Why are we willing to do this?

It’s simple really…

We want to amass a large portfolio of successful clients using our Ecom Launcher Package.

Then once we’ve gotten the pre-approved vendor status…

We are going to play the same game every other agency is playing and start charging this same Ecom Launcher Package at the 10K price point.

It’s the superior system and the government grants are funding the bulk of that amount.

That’s our end game.

But that means during this same period, a select group of lucky business owners get to take full advantage of us.

Paying only a fraction of its real value.

But only until we submit our application.

After that, we will increase the price point of our websites by at least $400.

It’s still considered a steal but because while we’re waiting for the application to get approved, we don’t need as many new cases that urgently.

And at $1,299, it’s still a great deal for the business owners then.

But the instance we’re approved…

You won’t see this deal ever again.

So, it is in your best interest to lock us in at this ridiculous price and get your ecommerce business up and running in the next couple of weeks.

All you have to do is click on the orange Sign Up Now button below and complete the order process.

Yes! I Want to Digitise My Business & Start Selling Online With the YPS Ecom Launcher

Credit cards logo

Your Investment In The YPS Ecom Launcher Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee

While we're absolutely positive that this package is the most comprehensive ecommerce solution you will find in the market today...

A system that is optimised and designed to help you drive sales through best sales practices and automation...

We also understand that building an online system is a serious business decision.

There are many other things to consider with regards to your business operations and long-term plans.

That's why we're offering you a full 100% money back guarantee right until the end of your initial consultation with your dedicated account manager.

You can go through the entire session with them, learn how to bring your business online, and if by the end of the session you're not convinced that this is for you...

Just let the account manager know. They will help you send in your cancellation request and we'll refund your entire investment.

No questions asked.

While we want you to make a decision fast while we're still in the application and approval stage...

We want it to be absolutely risk-free on your end.

That way you get to lock in our ridiculous price point while it is still available and take your time to decide if this is the model you want for your business.

The Way We See It There Are 3 Choices

Right now, you already know what it takes to launch a successful ecommerce business.

Even if you’re completely inexperienced and non-tech savvy like Alan.

Who to this day have never even logged on to his website.

If you’re planning to go online as well and beat this crazy time that we’re living in…

Then there are 3 options for you right now.

  1. The first is to register for a subscription account, pay a hefty commission and top it up with discounts and bundle packages that eat into your profit margin.
  2. The second is to hire a pre-approved vendor and fork out with the lump sum and wait for your grant to get approved. Assuming it does.
  3. The last option is to grab our YPS Ecom Launcher Package while it is at a steal.

With almost everything already done for you and all you need is to prepare a list of the products you want to sell.

And at an amazingly ridiculous discounted price while we're still applying for the pre-approved vendor status.

Think about it...

You could be selling your products online just two weeks from today.

We’ve already laid all the groundwork for you.

All that’s left is for you to reach out and grab this crazy deal while it is still available.

I think the choice is quite clear.

Don't you?

Because it’s going to be the best life changing business decision you will make this year.

We’re confident of that.


Jonathan Seet
Director of Digital Operations

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Do I Need Your Ecom Launcher Package Versus The Packages Other Agencies Are Offering?

Unlike most ecommerce packages or solutions in the market, our YPS Ecom Launcher Package is designed to fulfill 2 fundamental business needs:

  1. Your marketing needs. We have included some of the vital marketing elements in the website to help increase sales and boost conversions. And did we mention most of them are on autopilot? That means it literally runs on its own. You just look at your daily report to tweak and improve your campaigns.
  2. Speed of deployment. Thanks to our technical team, we've developed a unique Rapid Deploy System to help us shortcut the development phase of ecommerce websites. While most agencies would take 5-6 months to conceptualise, develop, and conduct user acceptance tests, we can get a fully functioning website out in as little as two weeks. After all, time is money in business isn't it?
2. How Does Your Rapid Deploy System Ensures Quality Websites in Such Short Time?

When it comes to website design, we understand most clients would like a custom design.

But after working with clients from different industries, we uncovered a similar "pattern" in terms of layout and structure. Especially for the successful sites.

That got us thinking...

What if we could create a "base" structure for our ecommerce website. Using the same tools and features... wouldn't that save us development time?

It's similar to how construction companies can erect a skyscraper by having the key framework in place.

And since we're already using WordPress as our content management system, that made it simpler. And faster.

That doesn't mean every website looks the same. Because we still add a degree of personalisation to make every website we produce unique to your company.

3. Who Can Benefit From The YPS Ecom Launcher Package?

While we're pretty much building ecommerce websites...

There are a certain group of businesses and industries that can leverage even further with our package.

As in you can see in our case studies, businesses that offer delivery services will reap the most benefit from our delivery systems. Your customers can easily select their preferred delivery day and time. All determined by you.

We also have automated email systems in place to aid with lead generation as well as a reminder email for abandoned cart situations.

4. How Does The YPS Ecom Launcher Package Compare With Subscription Platforms Like Shopify?

The two models are generally quite different although they do achieve same end result i.e. building an online store.

However, to put things into perspective...

A subscription model works similar to a business owner leasing a booth or retail space in a mall. It's technically your shop, but you're still bounded by the rules of the shopping mall.

If you're ever found to be in breach of their terms, the have the right to revoke your license.

An extreme example would be a Gelato store being evicted because after a review, the management discovered there were too many coffee joints in the mall.

Our package is similar to you having your own store outside the mall.

You have full control over how you want your shop to operate. (Of course, it has to be legal)

And most importantly...

You're never worried about breaching any terms and conditions especially because of a change in company ruling.

5. Why Is There A Time Limit To This Offer?

As I've explained earlier...

Most agencies are charging on the upwards of $10,000 for their ecommerce solutions.

In terms of features, we don't lose out.

In fact, I like to think that ours is superior, especially when you bring in the fact that we're sales-driven while most of the other solutions are aesthetic-driven.

And between a sales generating ecommerce asset and a pretty online brochure...

I think it's clear which is superior. Don't you agree?

However, because we haven't gotten into the pre-approved vendor list...

We can't charge at that amount. Otherwise, no one will buy from us.

It would therefore make sense for us to price our solution at the "cash" amount.

In other words, the amount most clients would have to fork out even if they're tapping on the grant. That amount is usually around $2,000.

We could do that...

But we want to get onto this pre-approved list fast.

That means we're undercutting the market for this short period until our application.

Then the price jumps up by $400.

And once we've gotten the approval...

You can bet we will be pricing the YPS Ecom Launcher Package at the "market" rate.

6. What If I Need Help Or Support With The Website?

After you've made your purchase and the payment is verified on our end, we will assign an account manager to you.

This account manager is here to help you throughout your website set up right up to the handover.

But their support doesn't end there.

We've prepared training videos to show you how to use the website to make content updates and changes.

And as a part of our ongoing support, we provide a complementary 3-monthly servicing.

During this servicing, your assigned account manager will follow up with you on the website while our technicians conduct their diagnostic tests.

This gives you the assurance your website is running and performing exactly the way it should.

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