Lifeline Cleaning

Lifeline Cleaning
Address:18 Sin Ming Lane, #05-17 Midview City, Singapore 573960
Phone:+65 6443 0943
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Quick Summary

Lifeline Cleaning is a professional cleaning services provider that specialises in cleaning offices, medical facilities, restaurants, hotels and childcare centres. They provide comprehensive cleaning services such as commercial cleaning, carpet shampooing, high-area dusting, floor scrubbing and marble polishing. You can hire them on a contracted service or one-time service.


  • Comprehensive cleaning services
  • Well-established company
  • Well-accredited
  • Technology-driven


Lifeline Cleaning was established in 1998 by a few like-minded individuals. Their vision: a clean and pleasant working environment for everyone. Since then, they have been providing top-notch cleaning services to firms small and large.

With a mission to put a smile on their clients’ face, their focus is on prioritising the needs of the client, understand and exceed their expectations. Feedback is important to Lifeline Cleaning and they take it seriously, continuously innovating new products and improving their service.

Lifeline Cleaning prides themselves for their quality, efficiency and reliability. Their value proposition is an affordable hassle-free cleaning service to their clients. In their own words: “Lifeline is our family name. Responsibility is our nickname. Reliability is our middle name.”

They have many satisfied clients and this can be seen from the long list of clients, past and present, listed on their website, which includes several big names.

But don’t just take their own word for it. They also have a long list of accreditations, including the ISO 9001:2008 in Quality Management, Promising SME 500 2012, Singapore Brands 2011 and attained the BizSAFE Star. They were also one of the two cleaning companies nominated for the Singapore Excellence Award in 2013.

Services Provided

Lifeline Cleaning offers a commercial cleaning package for offices, which can include cleaning the restrooms and external corridors. If you have special requirements, they can also customise a cleaning solution for you.

Besides offices, they also provide cleaning services for industrial plants and restaurants. So if that’s your line of business, you can save time and bundle the office cleaning together.

Apart from regular cleaning services, they also offer the following periodic services:

  • Carpet Cleaning: Professional carpet shampooing and spot removal
  • High Dusting Services: Removes dust accumulated in hard-to-reach places
  • Floor Scrubbing / Waxing: Keeps your floors grime-free
  • Marble Polishing: Restores the shine in your marble floor
  • Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning: Removes dirt and stains
  • Air Purification: Keeps the air smelling fresh
  • High Glass Cleaning: Definitely a complex task to be left to the experts

The Cleaning Staff and Process

Lifeline Cleaning believes in technology and uses state-of-the-art machines to increase cleaning efficiency. They have their own range of cleaning chemicals and maintain strong relationships with their suppliers in order to offer the best service to their clients. Accredited by NEA and awarded the NEA Clean Mark Silver Award, you can be sure of their devotion to their craft.

Lifeline Cleaning hires experienced cleaners and sends them on training courses by WDA and other government regulatory boards. Understanding that time is money, their cleaners are punctual to start work and complete their work on time.

Rates & Contact

You can engage Lifeline Cleaning for a one-time cleaning service or regular contracted cleaning service. To request for rates, simply submit an online enquiry on their website, call or email them for a discussion.