A Joint Collaboration between Yellow Pages SME and Darby Media.

=== Live 3-Hours Workshop ===

Digital Marketing Strategy for Interior Designers and I.D. Firms

Discover How As Interior Designers, You Can Grow Your Business and Attract Quality Clients Through a Unique Collaborative Marketing Strategy.

A Changing Environment?

Dear Interior Designer,

Attracting clients and acquiring new leads has drastically gotten more and more difficult over the last 10 years.

Especially for the interior design industry.

These days you'll find more and more new companies sprouting up and flooding the social media platforms with dirt-cheap offers to attract clients.

To make matters worse, some of these fly-by-night one-man-show firms deliver poor services that only serve to tarnish the reputation of the entire industry as a whole.

And we haven't even mentioned the DIYers dealing directly with contractors and choosing to bypass a Professional Interior Designer all together.

Unfortunately, as technology improves, it is only expected to get worse.

Thankfully, not all is lost for the serious firms and agencies who pride yourselves on customer-centric services and quality designers' work. Business owners who know beautiful design and quality workmanship never come cheap.

And most importantly...

That there are clients willing to pay a premium for professionalism, expertise, knowledge and competence.

For these companies, we're organising an exclusive ID event to discuss specific marketing strategies for business owners and marketing managers within the interior design space.

This live event will help agencies who are already advertising through various mediums and want to reap a higher ROI or younger firms that are exploring alternative strategies to attract quality leads and enquiries.

We'll cover different advertising avenues, both online and offline, which platforms to build a solid foundation in, how to scale marketing efforts, and how much budget to set aside.

Event Outline

During this live 3-hours event, you'll gain deeper insights on the changes in the interior design scene over the last 20 years as well as the strategies and actions interior designers can rely on to attract qualified leads moving forward.

  • Changes in the interior design industry over the last 20 years
  • The single biggest mistake most inexperience advertisers commit that instantly sets their campaigns for failure
  • Which platform should any new interior designer focus on first - it's the low hanging fruit of the digital marketing arena
  • The fastest way to steal information about your target audience from your competitors and Google
  • How to plan, budget, and execute a successful digital marketing campaign
  • An unconventional method of qualified lead generation as more and more competitors are flocking to the digital space
  • How to leverage on this unique "collaborative" marketing strategy to dominate a niche in the interior design industry

Note: This event includes a 20-mins tea break

Register for this Event

Note: There's a small registration fee of $20 that goes towards organising this event. We allow up to 3 pax per registration.

Our Promise to You

We didn't want to organise just another event where you learn theories and ideas. Instead, we've specially analysed past campaigns and received feedback from the industry to prepare this live workshop.

The strategies we're about to share with you have been proven to work. In fact, we will even show you a couple of successful case studies and results.

You'll walk out of this event with a much better understanding of a successful marketing campaign. And more specifically, an action plan for serious businesses.

About the Organisers

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As the world began to shift the majority of its retail operations, lead generation, and marketing campaigns online, the Yellow Pages brand diversified and decided to become a market leader for SMEs.

Thus the YP SME division was born to provide digital marketing solutions for traditional brick and mortar businesses as well as new businesses venturing into the online space.

To achieve this goal, a specialised team of local internet marketers were recruited to restructure the digital efforts of the brand and offer results-backed solutions for both the existing and new clientele.

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