Yellow Pages

GYP’s Yellow Pages® and White Pages directories reach out directly to buying customers and this linkage has fuelled our growth. The range of directories available and the contents of the directories are constantly evaluated and refined to reflect the changing needs of our users.

Yellow Pages® Classified Directories

Yellow Pages® is a comprehensive classified directory that not only helps consumers make informed purchases but also serves the social, commercial and industrial needs of business users. Useful articles further add to the value of the directory, while the Brand Name Listings and Fast Find Index make searches faster and more efficient for users.

Yellow Pages® Visitors Singapore is strategically placed in hotel rooms, serviced apartments and malls island-wide. It is rich with information on shopping attractions, food, leisure, entertainment, MICE and business connections, making it a handy, indispensable guide for all leisure and business visitors. Its companion website,, expands upon the search capabilities and information available in Yellow Pages® Visitors Singapore.

Yellow Pages® Chinese is the only Chinese language classified directory in Singapore supporting the Chinese-speaking community by enabling connectivity between the community and trusted businesses.

White Pages Listings Directories

White Pages Business Listings is a comprehensive business directory that lists subscribers alphabetically. It includes a Directory of Public Services in addition to emergency numbers and the Directory of Government & Quasi-Government Listings.

White Pages Chinese Listings is the only Chinese language listings directory in Singapore. Together with Yellow Pages® Chinese, it forms an important connectivity tool for the local Chinese-speaking community.

Trade Directories

Architecture Real Estate Construction Design (A.R.C.d) prides itself on a wide range of categorisation and listing opportunities for companies in building and construction services. Classifications range from consultancy, quantity surveying and related mechanical and electrical works to landscaping, interior design and urban planning. As Singapore celebrated its 50th birthday in 2015, this year’s edition of ARCd includes a special feature on Singapore’s urban landscape as a tribute to the SG50 celebrations.

Singapore Exporters focuses on Singapore companies that do business with overseas partners. Besides providing an extensive list of Singapore companies, the directory also provides a wealth of business information. The 2015 edition of Singapore Exporters includes new editorial features such as the winners of the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards (SPBA) and the Asian Manufacturing Awards (AMA), two of the most prestigious awards given out in 2014. In addition, this edition features several related trade associations and their members, as well as 19 of Singapore’s most renowned home-grown brands – as contributed by the National Heritage Board (NHB).

Singapore Industrial Sourcing Guide supports the manufacturing industry by providing informative listing of Singapore companies in the manufacturing industry, one of the key pillars of Singapore’s economy. This directory provides crucial contact information for those in the manufacturing industry. The newest edition of Singapore Industrial Sourcing Guide features 19 of the most renowned made-in-Singapore brands – as contributed by NHB; manufacturing trade associations and a listing of their members; and a consolidated calendar of events.

Singapore Marine Offshore Oil & Gas (SMO) provides a comprehensive listing of marine-related products and services. For companies specialising in engines, bunker fuel and pumps, offshore logistics, rig building, ship repairs and more, SMO is the directory to turn to. Besides featuring various associations and companies, the directory also contains information about industry events and awards in Singapore.

Singapore Infocomm Guide (SIG) is a guidebook that serves the burgeoning local Infocomm industry. Contained within are listings related to both infocomm as well as office products and services that infocomm companies might need. The current edition features informative articles relating to the trends and technology in the infocomm sector. This edition also contains a table of relevant government incentives and schemes that will prove to be useful for its readers.


YP makes the power of our flagship Yellow Pages® database available online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Serving the social, commercial and industrial needs of users, they can easily search for products and services in a particular location or businesses within a specific area. caters to visitors to Singapore, whether they are leisure tourists, executives attending MICE events or guests coming for an appointment with medical specialists. The website is powered by the Internet Yellow Pages® search engine, giving visitors an easy-to-use resource to find hospitals, restaurants, malls, spas and other products and services. is an online companion to the Singapore Information Services trade directories – Architecture Real Estate Construction Design (A.R.C.d), Singapore Exporters, Singapore Industrial Sourcing Guide, and Singapore Marine Offshore Oil & Gas (SMO). Available 24/7, strives to complement the print directories by providing news feeds, a consolidated calendar of events and industry awards in addition to its online search capabilities.

Singapore Infocomm Guide is the online adaptation of the Singapore Infocomm Guide. It serves the burgeoning local infocomm and IT industries. The portal also provides relevant articles, a calendar of events and a news feed on Singapore’s infocomm industry.

Database Marketing

Our unique database segmentation offers effective precision marketing which enables our clients to:

  • Efficiently locate targeted customers
  • Accelerate customer acquisition
  • Improve marketing effectiveness

Database Management

Data quality and hygiene are essential for business optimisation. An updated database allows an organisation to communicate more effectively with customers, leading to higher sales efficiency which, in turn, translates to higher revenue. We provide businesses with a variety of data management services. These services include:

  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Updating
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Appending
  • Data De-duping

Leads Generation via Telemarketing

Detailed screening of potential segments is necessary for efficient and effective sales results. Leads have to undergo:

  • Qualifying Criteria
  • Profiling Matching
  • Needs Assessment
  • Data Analytics

We have an in-house team of experienced telemarketing consultants to do all this and help you generate quality sales leads.

Database Licensing

Our Database Licensing service provides businesses with long-term database usage coupled with maintenance services. This is best suited to businesses that repeatedly target certain groups, and require regular usage of data. This service includes the updating of database records to users on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Data Rental

We also provide Data Rental for Direct Mail campaigns. It is a one-time only usage of the data whereby the required data will be used for a specific marketing purpose only.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an online advertising solution by Google which allows businesses to feature their products and services on Google’s search engine. This platform allows advertisers to increase traffic to their websites via increased exposure in Google’s search results and helps them achieve their business objectives.

The Google AdWords Premier SME Partner programme bridges the gap between expert AdWords partners and small and medium businesses seeking professional help in creating, maintaining and optimising their campaigns. As one of only five Google AdWords Premier SME Partners in Singapore, GYP benefits from direct access to Google and its support – executive, technical, sales, marketing, account management and partner management. Our clients in turn get a more effective, efficient and optimised online campaign that increases the value of their investments.

We create strategic partnerships with companies that may not have the necessary marketing and technological expertise to effectively tap into Google’s platform. This enables the building of long-term value and success for our clients’ businesses while leveraging Google’s ad products. GYP helps businesses

GYP Video Services

GYP launched GYP Video Services, a video production service targeted at the 150,000 SMEs in Singapore to harness professional commercial videos quickly, simply and affordably. Ranging from simple 30-second montages to sophisticated live action videos, these videos are embedded in online directories. They are also available for streaming on popular video channels.

Videos are recognised as a trending new platform to convey marketing messages to customers. The growing demand for businesses to have an online presence, combined with the increased usage of videos and social media profiles, has created greater potential for this revolutionary service.

WebExpress Web Design and Hosting

Having a web presence in today’s business environment is indispensable, and WebExpress helps businesses to design, build and host their websites. The websites range from aesthetically pleasing, simple pages to sites with e-commerce functionality and more. This enables companies that do not have the capability to reap all the benefits of a web presence with minimal fuss.

Accounts is a complete accounting management solution designed to meet your company's needs.

Core accounting functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and the general ledger, are combined to create an integrated and efficient process. These functional areas and their sub-ledgers feed seamlessly into the general ledger for analysis, allowing financial reports to be easily generated with accuracy.

With YP Business - Accounts, we make managing your company's accounts simple, yet complete.

HRM & Payroll is a simple but powerful human resource and payroll management solution created to manage your company's most important asset, your people. This app utilises technology to automate repetitive and time consuming tasks, freeing up valuable time to focus on real growth.

The power-packed, feature-rich combination of systems, centralizes all your HR information along with functions from leave requests to payroll. Whether your organization has 10 or 100 people, HRM & Payroll's scalable and affordable tools provide a unique advantage in your company's journey.

Inventory & Invoice is a complete management solution that integrates your Inventory and Invoice. It covers all the key functions such as Purchases, Sales, Quotations, Transfers and Reports in a simple and easy to use format.

This comprehensive package is designed to meet all the billing, inventory, and invoicing needs of your business. Whether you specialize in professional services, run a retail store, or own an internet business, our Inventory & Invoice is designed to enhance your operations, saving you precious time and money.