Direct Marketing

eFusion Solutions Pte Ltd is a leader in direct and channel marketing services. The company specialises in delivering incremental sales by connecting companies to the right target customers through the use of the most effective channels, technologies and customer databases.

eFusion provides sales solutions to increase sales for brands and companies as their core differentiator by managing clients’ sales strategies, sales teams, customer databases and sales channels (telesales, direct sales and online sales channel) to reach the right customers for clients’ brands.

eFusion provides sales solutions for B2C as well as B2B clients via the generation of sales leads, sales force management and sales channel management. The services offered include telemarketing, roadshows, field sales and direct marketing.


With over 150 trained telesales officers, eFusion has the competence and confidence to deliver leads generation, leads qualification and phone sales results. Telesales is an important and relevant feature of any direct sales campaign, and top brands all over the world continue to use this channel for direct results.

Roadshows and Events Marketing

eFusion’s total outsourcing approach includes roadshows and event sales as a complementary channel for direct sales campaigns. eFusion deploys people who are trained as clients’ brand ambassadors to carry their message to the streets. The company’s competence has won it numerous sales awards from top brands and industry leaders, including HSBC Cards Cross-sell Champion; HSBC Top Personal Loans Agency; HSBC Top Personal Loans Step Up Champion; and ANZ Top ESA Loans Team.

Field Sales and Face-to-Face Marketing

eFusion deploys door-to-door sales when it is deemed most effective. The total outsourcing approach means the right customers are engaged for clients through each and every viable channel.

Direct Marketing Unit (“DMU”)

eFusion’s DMU helps corporate clients increase sales by reaching the right customers. The company has comprehensive consumer and business leads in the database available for customised selections to meet clients’ requirements. eFusion’s in-house telemarketing, email broadcast, direct mail and SMS broadcast services offer full solutions for efficient and cost-effective marketing and sales campaigns.