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Global Yellow Pages is a multi-platform solutions company focusing on up-to-date search, SME enablement and database marketing.

About Us

Global Yellow Pages Limited (“Global Yellow Pages”, “the Group” or “GYP”) was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (“SGX-ST”) in 2004. The business actually started in 1967 under the Singapore branch of General Telephone Directory Co. (“GTDC”) with the publication of Singapore telephone directory, which included Yellow Pages advertising in separate English and Chinese editions. Since its start as a search solutions specialist, the Group has constantly strived to transform and diversify its business interests to build a stronger and more resilient company. As part of the Group’s strategy to build a stronger operating base, the Group has diversified into the property and food & beverage sectors in recent years.

Products & Services

GYP’s Yellow Pages® and White Pages directories reach out directly to buying customers and this linkage has fuelled our growth. The range of directories available and the contents of the directories are constantly evaluated and refined to reflect the changing needs of our users.

As part of GYP’s strategic diversification, Global Food Retail Group (“GFRG”), a subsidiary of GYP, acquired the Wendy’s brand in September 2014. This portfolio diversification will bring value to our stakeholders by capitalising on opportunities in the food and beverage industry.

In May 2015, GYP Properties purchased Pakuranga Plaza, a vibrant neighbourhood shopping centre in a prime East Auckland location, 16 kilometres from Auckland’s Central Business District.

eFusion Solutions Pte Ltd is a leader in direct and channel marketing services. The company specialises in delivering incremental sales by connecting companies to the right target customers through the use of the most effective channels, technologies and customer databases.

For Advertisers

Global Yellow Pages Limited provides you a comprehensive, current and focused range of content platforms to suit your advertising needs. With over 40 years of experience, we have a proven track record and are an authoritative source of information for both consumers and advertisers.

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